The Federation of Brittany

The Federation of Brittany is a unified state with incredibly fascist leanings. It is a successor state to the Kingdom of Brittany.


The government of the Federation of Brittany features a strong central government with most of the power vested in a singular executive figure.

The President is the head of state and the head of government. The President is also in control of the military, the appointment of the Chief Judiciary, and the appointment of various ministers to different ministries. The President, being elected in a popular vote, serves 10 year terms with no limit being placed on how many terms a person may seek to hold this office. The President has the ability to veto any bills passed by the Upper House. The President also has the ability to issue declarations of war and to create and sign treaties.

The Legislature of the Federation of Brittany is divided into two houses, an upper house and a lower house. The Lower House is elected by the population of the district of Normandy. It is comprised of 10 members, with the 10 candidates who receive the most votes becoming members. If they wish to pass a bill, they must reach a simple majority. If there is a tie and the tie is not resolved for a whole session, the bill is dead. If the bill is passed it goes to the Upper House. The members of the Lower House serve 2 year terms, with a 4 term limit.

The Upper House is elected by the population of the six districts in Brittany. It is comprised of 36 elected members, and 1 Presidential Advisor who is present to support the President's interests. All 37 members vote. If they wish to pass a bill, they must reach a simple majority. The Upper House approves or vetoes legislation passed by the Lower House. The members of the Upper House serve 5 year terms, with a 2 term limit.


The Federation of Brittany is comprised of two major portions: the peninsula of Brittany, and the district of Normandy. Due to the fact that the Kingdom of Normandy was conquered by the Kingdom of Brittany only a few years before the creation of the Federation, racial tension is incredibly high between the two groups.

Fear over a Norman uprising against the Breton government, the Federation of Brittany instituted authoritative policies in the government in order to make sure an uprising could be swiftly dealt with. This is evident in the powerful President and the power that the Upper House has compared to the Lower House.

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