Nations are identified in Gentium by a string of numbers, letters, and symbols, for better organization. Here are some examples:

  • The Crowned Republic of Milwaukee: $.1.M.A
  • The Federation of Brittany: $.2.B.A
  • The Empire of Kuolemanajot: 1.K.A

This system has four easy components, separated by periods.

  1. The dollar sign indicates a nation that is present as of 2016. This is only an indicator, not a specifier.
  2. The number indicates the number of region the nation lies in (Region 1=1, Region 2=2... Region 10=0).
  3. The first letter is the first letter of the common name of the nation.
  4. The second letter specifies further if the second and third components are not specific enough. This component is assigned in alphabetical order in the order of creation by the authors.

This system may seem complicated, but it is all for the best when organizing the far more complex systems of a constructed history.

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